Even the boy feels Dad’s apathy. I’d like to turn back time[Hello Counselor Sub: ENG,THA/2018.06.04]

This post is about Even the boy feels Dad’s apathy. I’d like to turn back time[Hello Counselor Sub: ENG,THA/2018.06.04]

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Hello Counselor EP.367
Guests : WJMK's Yoojung & Seola, .Kim Youngchul, Park Jiseon,


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  1. Lanny Kpa2020 years ago

    If the husband can’t change after come to this show, I support the wife that she need to end it and move on for herself and her kids for the future!

  2. 29BWA2020 years ago

    Once he said can I sleep while she was giving birth to a stillborn I don’t care how many test he had I would’ve divorced him.

  3. Hannah Grace Bonghanoy2020 years ago

    The husband is just so irresponsible and insensitive. This is so aggravating. He should not have entered into a relationship, did the deed, and married her if he doesn’t want to have kids to take care of.

  4. babiedaydreamer962020 years ago

    Honestly, they need to get a divorce. Just imagine how the kids are going to grow up and see their relationship and think it’s okay to live like that. If it doesn’t change, I really hope that she finds the strength to leave him and take the kids with her.

  5. sirōjan munīīro2020 years ago

    to all my fella single ladies out here, lets do _ourselves_ a precious favor and _never_ give ourselves away too easily… especially to guys from places where its *_clear_* things are supposed to be a *one-night-stand thing* only like nightclubs etc etc Let us _Love Our selves_ more, _give Respect & Honor_ to our _Self_ beings… and _set our standards _*_higher_* . *xoxo*

    • My name Is2020 years ago

      sirōjan munīīro my sisters taught me that you can’t have a good relationship with a person you met at the nightclub…

  6. melanie benavides2020 years ago

    I really want to give the wife a hug 🙁

  7. Sage Wagner2020 years ago

    i started crying when she said that he hit her in the face with a remote 🙁

  8. Yusra M2020 years ago

    He takes for granted such a beautiful (inside and out) wife and adorable children like she should leave him since he so neglectful.

  9. Yusra M2020 years ago

    Yeongcheol (Idk if I got his name spelled correctly) is really the king of advice

  10. Cycra Lisa2020 years ago

    He’ll ‘let’ her go out on sundays

    wtf is this

  11. KatherineRose212020 years ago

    everything about her situation just hurts to hear… i will never understand why people who have no interest in taking care of kids have kids like it would be easier if you didn’t put your significant other through so much pain but also the kids are adversely affected too

  12. Deborah Abike2020 years ago

    He can make babies but can’t take care of them?! She needs to remind him of this when next they are about to have sweet times together.

  13. flinstone john2020 years ago

    He just have no idea what truly happiness that his wife love him so much it hurts her so bad but the wife look on the bright side because of her children and he truly have absolutely no idea what going on his wife have gone through after all those years she trying to overcome be a better wife a mother and much more and yet he look like a dumbfounded on the side street guy who truly doesnt care and concern about her,her health and so on

    • flinstone john2020 years ago

      Dont take her for granted when she thought she chose you for the one to be forever with

  14. Jimin's penicillium2020 years ago

    She shouldn’t waste her life and her child’s childhood with him. Gurl, éi know you love him, but just divorce.

  15. Yana2020 years ago

    i could never imagine being married and raising my kids like im a single parent. i know she said she’s staying with him because of her children, but she should get a divorce asap tbh. no kid should have to be around someone that disregards them and care so little about them.

  16. KarlaTheRomanticOne2020 years ago

    this is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of why u DON’T jump into marriage ladies SMH what was she thinking marrying him a year after dating and at 20 years old wtf. Not only did she just throw way her fun 20’s ,that she’ll never get back but she totally bypassed the (smart) 2 or 3 years of dating period to assess your partner to see if there the one for u and if there personality,lifestyle,values and way of thinking match with u. If she slowed down and dated him longer she would have eventually noticed his horrible child care skills and that his temperment does not match hers at all. Also not to be THAT person but if her husband was at least Song Joong Ki hot or Jung Hae In hot i can understand a little her having rose colored glasses and jumping into marriage but clearly her husband isn’t that LOL,i guess what ever he said or did to convince her into marriage will just be a head scratching question mark.1 good thing that came out of this, thanks to this story i’ll be weary of ALL guys i meet in a club that leads to a relationship from now on and will think things through before making big decisions. The fact that the situation is so bad she said if she could turn back time she would have never married him YIKES, now the poor woman is stuck in a marriage with a unfeeling jerk and 2 kids sigh i hope things get better for her. Remember ladies don’t make hasty decisions and KNOW YOUR WORTH

  17. Cissa Bela2020 years ago

    If i was her i just kick him hard out of my life and my children’s lifes because that relationship is wrong, unhealthy and unfair in so many ways, that guy don’t deserve anything from her anymore, girl takes your babies and live a better life away from that mess he being like that for allready 6 years long and he’s almost 30 yrs old he won’t change at this point, and he even hit you, i mean that trash-boy even called himself a man?, that violence could turns to your babies, ist’ dangerous, your son can feel the problems too and he’s only 6 yrs old and he looks very mature but how much painful it’s been that for him us just a baby, please thinks carefully more about your children’s life and your owns because that fool is destroy it

    Pd: sorry for the gramathic but i’m really mad

  18. Brittany Blessed2020 years ago

    This is sad but this is also why u shouldn’t marry someone u don’t know it’s sad too because Korean society is so conservative that raising children on your own is looked down upon so it forces women to marry people they don’t know.

  19. Krystal Chi2020 years ago

    You.. 😠😠😠😠


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