[FOCUSED] SHINHWA’s DONGWAN – All Your Dreams [Music Bank / 2018.06.29]

This post is about [FOCUSED] SHINHWA’s DONGWAN – All Your Dreams [Music Bank / 2018.06.29]

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ABC Nov am @Annoying, @Gean, a fan . You really don't know Eric if you try to separate him from Shinhwa. I admire Eric because from such a young age, he got his priorities straight, keeping Shinhwa together, despite all the money they try to throw at him to leave his members..Inspiration, inspire, or inspired may refer to . Artistic inspiration, sudden creativity in artistic production Biblical inspiration, the doctrine in Judeo Christian theology concerned with the divine origin of the Bible.Minjung Seo Co Founder. Experience developing technology based services focused around drama production. A direct contributor to the success of 'Winter Sonata'..Having launched in May , HypnoticAsia has been active in reporting the latest Asian entertainment news. Unlike other sites, HypnoticAsia has focused on bringing content from many Asian countries..


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  1. Jenny Crow2020 years ago

    Dongwan is like a fine wine

  2. I'm so sorry but it's fake love2020 years ago

    My eyes have been blessed 💦💦

  3. Sibuea Christy2020 years ago

    oppa, you got one button loosen up there :p


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