He is only strict to older daughter. “You should do it Because You’re a Girl”

This post is about He is only strict to older daughter. “You should do it Because You’re a Girl”

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Hello Counselor EP.367
Guests : WJMK's Yoojung & Seola, .Kim Youngchul, Park Jiseon,


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  1. Jimin's penicillium2020 years ago

    I feel like this wasn’t took seriously.. Like when she said how her brother punched her and threw her on the floor, they said “if you call him oppa, he sad he will treat you better“ then talked about other things…For real, i’m still worried for this girl..I hope she’ll be okay

  2. titin buawel ae2020 years ago

    my mom passed away when i was 9 years old and my brother is 4,my dad has to go to work,and i have to take care of my brother,cook,wash the cloths and clean the house,i try not to complain because i know it’s hard for my father too.after a few month my aunty asked her boss to allow her to work half day only,so in the morning i do all the chores,by 12 am my aunty come home from work and i go to school.

  3. boo seoksoon2020 years ago

    I don’t get it, i’m the youngest in our family and I’m also a girl but I do most of the chores, I can at least understand because i know my older brothers and sisters have also done this when they we’re my age buuuut they’ve never been as rude as that older brother and their dad. I think the dad favours the brother more that he grew up being a brat or something like that. It’s really different with a mom cause you know if their mom’s still with them and heard about this, she would’ve disciplined them both and not just shrug it off. That father and his brother irritates me. So frustrating.

  4. syaza2020 years ago

    I hope they will all be good to each other

  5. white Butterfly2020 years ago

    i can’t stop laughing

  6. lemon tea2020 years ago

    Tsk. Everything they said is excuse. I felt sorry for the girl

  7. Bella Song2020 years ago

    Gonna need the bowl cut haired brothers IG and Twitter please. 😁😁

    • Tim Aryavong2020 years ago

      If getting thrown to the ground by your hair is cool with you then I hope you find his info.

    • Bella Song2020 years ago

      Tim Aryavong #HopeIDo in Chris Brown voice. 😁

  8. Salman maawa2020 years ago

    Typical asian families…

  9. Tina the libra2020 years ago

    I’m early lol

  10. قناه فكر وابدع2020 years ago


  11. Karen Wang2020 years ago


  12. Miss Fara2020 years ago

    The brother doesnt care at all with this problem. With his legs crossed i dont think he even take this seriously.

  13. Krystal Chi2020 years ago

    What is wrong with those men in the family?!!! I wonder why is their mom is passed away. It must be stress is one of the reason of her passing. Sigh. Poor girl. Ive rather run away from the house than living in hellhouse

  14. Tias Mukti2020 years ago

    If a have brother like that me slap him and teach him how to take care whole family stupid brother i hope you change become nice brother to your sister,me never do bad thing for my younger i take care them nicely when my parent pass away,her father always must learn how to become good father not only see older and younger nicely but treat one older like not his children

  15. kelsie taylor2020 years ago

    These horrible men in this family. The son is going to grow up to be a PUNK just like his bum father.


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