Hyorim “You know what poutine is, don’t you?!” [Battle Trip/2018.08.05]

This post is about Hyorim “You know what poutine is, don’t you?!” [Battle Trip/2018.08.05]

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▶ Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.100
Showtime: Sun 16:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)
Guests: Lee Hong gi, Seo Hyorim

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  1. Adila Nursyuhada Mazlan2020 years ago

    Hong gi : why whiskey is thick?
    But he still drink it. 🤣😂

  2. mimi2020 years ago

    im sorry but that poutine does not look appealing at all and was it served hot, didnt see any hot smoke and the cheese didnt melt, btw its not the right kind of cheese, they must had gone to a popular modern restaurant that randomly put poutine in the menu. and those ribs 27$$?? damn son you guys got ripped off!

    • mimi2020 years ago

      damnnn my bad, u right! i did not watch the whole episode but they need to mention in quebec city in restaurants , there’s an additional 15% combined taxes plus tips which the standard is also 15% . so lets see steak 43$+ ribs 33$+ poutine ill say 15$ or even more since it looks like a hip restaurant+ 2 alcoholic drinks..??$$$= chillllle!! …over 130$cad that’s included taxes & tips for 2 people, i know many asian countries do not have tipping culture but please dont forget to tip when you are overseas or at least where it demands. and lets not debate whether is mandatory or not…

    • Sims Rock 992020 years ago

      And the ribs were 33 cad

    • Sims Rock 992020 years ago

      Right, poor Wendy probably had so much to say about the food price and quality but she remained humble

  3. PinkSakura2020 years ago

    that’s a sad poutine T_T traditionally should be with cheese curd not shredded cheese 🙁

    • Sims Rock 992020 years ago

      PinkSakura right omg Wendy being partially raised there must’ve really wanted to say smth but she probably didn’t know how to bring it up

  4. I Ifnteen2020 years ago

    i already screamed when they used one of Lovelyz song in here (scene where they ate funnel cake) aiguuu

  5. grey2020 years ago

    I’ve never really been interested in visiting Canada, but now I want to go.

  6. Faizah Dolmat2020 years ago

    Hong Ki like Spicy food . Hyo Rim knew Hong Ki so well.

  7. Mochi Mochi2020 years ago

    Quebec is where the real good poutine is ! *proud quebecois*

  8. Jungkook chick lunchbox2020 years ago

    OMG! I was at the same exact place where they were last year!

  9. SearchEXOonYoutube LottoMonsterCallmebabyMV2020 years ago

    When they edited Putins face XD i died XD it was so funny

  10. Charlene Ocampo2020 years ago

    Sorry, but I could just imagine how proud Wendy was while watching 😂 but the poutine looked weird, that’s not how it looked like when I looked up recipes a long time ago lol

  11. petra leong2020 years ago

    I appreciate the use of FTISLAND music =)

  12. inf sg.kim2020 years ago

    Always fun to watch hongki..

  13. Tinabvong2020 years ago

    Come eat real good poutine in Montreal!!!!! (I can be your guide😉)


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