My wife who doesn’t do any house chores.[Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.06.11]

This post is about My wife who doesn’t do any house chores.[Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.06.11]

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Hello Counselor EP.368
Guests : Ji Sangryeol, AOA's Seolhyun & Mina, Kim Soyoung,
Park Jiwoo

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  1. Maria C2020 years ago

    I think the wife just need better reminders (phone notifications) & things to help her be more organized w her actions & time. Her husband could be a bit more patient & teach her some things. It could work out then.

    • Maria C2020 years ago

      LaBacanitaYaniqueque that’s exactly what I thought when the concern was read. lol people just don’t stop out of nowhere lol

    • LaBacanitaYaniqueque2020 years ago

      He did say that they’ve been married 15 years and she used to do all the house chores but suddenly stopped one day. She probably got fed up of doing it all by herself and just decided to stop all together especially since he nags her about. Nagging always incites hostility.

  2. boo chu2020 years ago

    both of them should together doing the chores 😅 idk why it so hard 😅

    • Annie Tan2020 years ago

      Agree with this 💪

    • boo baby2020 years ago

      That totally right

    • christie claus2020 years ago

      boo chu right… even my mom and dad do it.. imagine the nagging tho😂😂😂😂

  3. faya fardowsa juhaya2020 years ago

    Yes finally a reversed concern. I know they should both help but ugh 😑 was sick of sexist things on hello counselor lmao finally a women that can do as bad as a man

  4. Thang Vuong2020 years ago

    He’s clearly intimidated by her superior intellect and jealous of the relationship she has with their children.

  5. Fanfics&Anime2020 years ago

    I feel like it been the same type of concerns over and over…

    • Bless U2020 years ago

      Fanfics& pretty much. Sometimes I think I already watched it but goes to show ppl have the same issues at home.

  6. Michelle Guajardo2020 years ago

    Honestly, she is me as a wife. I’m lazy, kids should be kids, and I’m not mad if you buy us a big new house.

  7. rita flores2020 years ago

    This concern was funny hahaha

    • Shanaynay O'keil2020 years ago

      rita flores you won’t be saying that if you lived with someone like her.

  8. LiLah2020 years ago

    the kids are so adorable and so straighfoward just like their parents. lmao theyre such a nice and sweet family. the wife is just like me tho lmaoo

  9. Ezgi mh2020 years ago

    Wife’s never complain they have to take care of the house of the kids but when a man has to so some house chores it’s a huge problem 😂

  10. Angela Wong2020 years ago

    I smell a divorce coming…

  11. Simone HBey2020 years ago

    Lol he’s playing his issues on her…

  12. Rhylan Harris2020 years ago


  13. Hala Ajmi2020 years ago

    but honestly a guy is accepted to be lazy and barely do chores and many don’t at all. maybe the younger generation don’t accept so but sooooooooooooooooooooooo many guys don’t lift a finger at home cuz they’re somehow blessed with holy water or something. why can’t we switch the table and see a guy does the chores and the woman doesn’t. sure that’s wrong but many families follow the traditional, sexist, patriarchal house and no one is complaining (some are but inferior) . the wife also works and is tired as he is, not to mention that he plays around more than her soooo….. he turned to be the idiot one out there.

  14. Beca Alves2020 years ago

    Honestly, both here are wrong. The husband does everything he wants without saying a single word with the family but the wife also uses her work and his nagging to explain her laziness. He needs to learn to talk with his wife and kids before making a decision about their lives and she needs to learn that even if she works she needs to help doing the house chorus without leaving everything to her husband, he also works but still do it by himself. Also both could make the kids help at home, they could wash their own dishes and help clean the house, i started helping at home at a very young age and it helped everyone.

  15. taipo taipo2020 years ago

    Why the wife needs to do housework after working?
    Why the husband can handle it???

    • An_ Army_That_Got_jams2020 years ago

      They should both help ,, why does he has to do it alone ? ,, thats not fair

    • Hana Rezuwan2020 years ago

      taipo taipo the husband are tired. house chores should be done by both. but the wife never lift a finger.

  16. Brittany Blessed2020 years ago

    the husband is handsome but forreal though its a lot of miscommunication here

    • Maria C2020 years ago

      Brittany Blessed yup

  17. judha cariquez2020 years ago

    Wheres the eng sub?

  18. Wang puppy2020 years ago

    Please invite got7 as guest,i want to see them^^

  19. konnichiwa2020 years ago

    The house chores need to be done by husband or wife when one of them become busy. Even my father help my mother to clean up the dishes after dinner. Marriage is about doing everything together. This woman need some help…


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