Sangmin and Jomin are in Shanghai ! [One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.06.12]

This post is about Sangmin and Jomin are in Shanghai ! [One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.06.12]

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▶ One Night Sleepover Trip | 하룻밤만 재워줘 – Ep.14
Showtime: Tue 23:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)
Cast: Kim Jongmin, Lee Sangmin

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  1. Tannya Aditya2020 years ago

    Chenle is so humble, well-mannered, positive, and fun. Sometimes I wonder how’s his family like, how’s his upbringing. And to see how he’s so loved and raised well by everyone, no wonder Chenle grew up the person who he is today 💚 never change, baby. Never change 💚

  2. Trixie Palabrica2020 years ago

    he’s so cute and humble. baby chenle. <3 it's so funny on how chenle stated how his parents had him hahha his hand gestures ahhha

    • Naomi Simorangkir2020 years ago

      I laugh so hard😂😂

    • President Chenle2020 years ago

      Trixie Palabrica true lol

  3. clarissagnes2020 years ago

    Chenle got so confused with Sangmin at the beginning lollll

  4. President Chenle2020 years ago

    Chenle is so humble ❤

  5. *haeCHANCE* 4U2020 years ago

    *president chenle* 😍

  6. Charlene Ocampo2020 years ago

    A Chinese commenter told me once that Chenle’s family really *is* rich, just that they are very private, humble people, and don’t have any scandals or issues

  7. Larasati Sekar2020 years ago

    I know from his bubbly and always happy personality that he must’ve raised well by his family, i could see that he’s loved by everyone❤

  8. annyeongitsaleckz2020 years ago

    Chenle’s father hit his mom and had him.

    • Haru Misaki2020 years ago

      annyeongitsaleckz Lmao

  9. Charlene Chiew2020 years ago

    i swear the staff i couldn’t stop laughing it’s the funniest thing chenle is so humble

  10. Fitri2020 years ago

    Finally after waited for a long time this uploaded, here for chenle

  11. watiSDAT2020 years ago

    His aunt is so cute haha xD

  12. Samraa Santos2020 years ago

    My cutie baby boy chenle 😍😍

  13. Siti Hadrayanti Ananda2020 years ago

    omg this is what i wanttt

  14. Charlene Ocampo2020 years ago

    Seeing the language barrier, I’m not sure if the house in SK really is bought or rented since he didn’t really know what tge Korean word for rent is. This is one of those times when you wish you had Renjun on hand to translate. He’s probably the best in Korean among SM’s Chinese artists since he learned how to speak growing up.

    • Charlene Ocampo2020 years ago

      sweet peach92 달콤한복숭아 wow, lele really is such a sweet child. Usually people would seem boastful when talking about such things, but he seemed so unassuming and humble while talking about buying multiple properties over the years and staying in a house they’ve bought in a different country -I thought he lived in the DREAM dorm with RenNoMin & Jisung, tho? (Mark and Hyuk live in the 127 dorm)-

    • sweet peach92 달콤한복숭아2020 years ago

      I think he does know what meant by ‘bought’ in Korean though because it’s pretty much the basics. For sure the house in Korea is bought and not rented because he also mentioned it to a fan during a fansign. He was probably just confused with the word “Rent” in Korean which is konglish.

  15. rzenseth •2020 years ago

    His smile💕

  16. Janella Andrea Dagamac2020 years ago

    Lele 😍

  17. Aldian Kukuh2020 years ago

    Chenleee 👏👏👏

  18. kikukia32020 years ago

    Chenle is just a bundle of cutie

  19. novi arni nurmades2020 years ago

    chenle personality is no joke. so humble and kind ma baby💓💓

  20. AMIRA RAHMAN2020 years ago

    chenle yaaaaa. im waiting for this. our chairman chenle


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