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Jun 18, 2019 Video 2 Views

KARD_KLIP #43 #KARD_KLIP KARD M/V KARD – Ride on the wind M/V : KARD – Knockin’ on my heaven’s door Choreography … source


Golden Child, Man In Love [THE SHOW 180807]

Jun 18, 2019 Video 1 Views

골든 차일드, 남자가 사랑할때 Golden Child, Man In Love The K-POP : SBS PLUS All about K-POP in Korea! Official K-POP YouTube channel of SBS PLUS. source


[HOT] 14U – COMPASS(N.E.W.S) , 원포유 – 나침반 Show Music core 20181103

Jun 18, 2019 Video 2 Views

Music core 20181103 14U – COMPASS(N.E.W.S) , 원포유 – 나침반 ▷Show Music Core Official Facebook Page – source


[Special Clip] UNB – '감각 Feeling' 안무 영상 (Dance Practice)

Jun 17, 2019 Video 3 Views

UNB – ‘감각 Feeling’ 안무 영상 (Dance Practice) UNB SNS source


네온펀치 (NeonPunch) – Tic Toc Official M/V

Jun 17, 2019 Video 2 Views

네온펀치 (NeonPunch) – Tic Toc Official Music Video Korea’s No.1 music distributor GENIE MUSIC official YouTube channel. 대한민국 최고 음악유통사 지니뮤직 … source


Ep4 It‘s on you and I | BTS: Burn the Stage

Jun 17, 2019 Video 2 Views

Can the show go on? BTS begin to wrap up their South America tour. Day-by-day, we see how the members passionately discuss how they can improve their … source


60FPS 1080P | KARD – Bomb Bomb, 카드 – 밤밤 Show! Music Core 20190330

Jun 16, 2019 Video 3 Views

“Enjoy your favorite performance with 60FPS FULL HD video!” FPS means ‘Frame Per Second’. It has 60frames in a second, so that you can enjoy more vividly … source


[Simply K-Pop] HyeongSeop X EuiWoong(형섭X의웅) _ Love Tint(너에게 물들어) _ Ep.308 _ 042018

Jun 16, 2019 Video 2 Views

HyeongSeop X EuiWoong – Love Tint With determination to blossom beautifully in the near future despite the instability of youth, HyeongSeop X EuiWoong … source


[Korean Music Wave] Duetto – Cheer up+DDU-DU DDU-DU+BBoom BBoom), 듀에토 – 히트곡 메들리, DMC Festival 2018

Jun 16, 2019 Video 4 Views

Duetto – Hit songs(Cheer up+DDU-DU DDU-DU+BBoom BBoom), 듀에토 – 히트곡 메들리(Cheer up+뚜두뚜두+뿜뿜) , DMC Festival 2018. source


[Simply K-Pop] 14U(원포유) _ Compass(N.E.W.S)(나침판) _ Ep.337 _ 111618

Jun 16, 2019 Video 2 Views

14U – Compass(N.E.W.S) After releasing bright and sweet songs since debut, 14U returned to find their way back to the fans with their 3rd mini-album “N.E.W.S”. source