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[Pops in Seoul] Come on! IN2IT(인투잇)'s Spin The Roulette

May 26, 2019 Video 4 Views

Spin The Roulette – This is a segment where our guests’ destinies are determined by the roulette and they get to show their teamwork and wits. So make sure


[Simply K-Pop] 14U(원포유) _ Don't be Pretty(예뻐지지마) _ Ep.302 _ 030918

May 26, 2019 Video 2 Views

14U – Don’t be Pretty With as many different charms as ice cream flavors, 14U is a new rookie boy group with 14 members that debuted in July 2017.


[UNB] *Real situation* Reaction of Japaneses meeting K-pop boy band!! "오나도(OND)" EP.2

May 26, 2019 Video 2 Views

UNB finally landed in Osaka! Who came to find them at the airport?! source


[대답자판기] 베리베리(VERIVERY) 귀염뽀짝 인터뷰

May 26, 2019 Video 3 Views

베리베리(VERIVERY) 귀염뽀짝 인터뷰 우리 벨벨이들의 매력 포인트는? 강냉이가 성인이 되면 가장 하고 싶은 것은? 베리베리 입덕하려면… source


[Simply K-Pop] 14U(원포유) _ Compass(나침반) (N.E.W.S) _ Ep.346 _ 190118

May 25, 2019 Video 5 Views

14U – Compass(N.E.W.S) 14U released their 3rd mini-album “N.E.W.S”, ready to find their way back to the fans. “Compass(N.E.W.S)” is about finding beauty in … source


위걸스(WeGirls) x 강원도(GangwonDo) – 놀고 IT DAY 여행동영상 [인제]

May 25, 2019 Video 5 Views

위걸스 x 강원도 콜라보레이션 영상! 놀고 IT DAY 여행동영상 (인제편) 강원도에 이런곳이? 자작나무숲, 클래식카 박물관, 레이싱써킷과 맛집탐방!… source


[Pops in Seoul] UNI, UNI, UNI.T! UNI.T(유니티) Members' Self-Introduction

May 25, 2019 Video 6 Views

On the Rise – Learn about the up-and-coming rookies with infinite potential who are expected to lead the Korean wave in the future. Our guests will flaunt their …


[Simply K-Pop] NeonPunch(네온펀치) _ MOONLIGHT _ Ep.324 _ 081018

May 24, 2019 Video 5 Views

NeonPunch – MOONLIGHT Consisting of five members with five different colors, NeonPunch is a rookie girl group, ready to brighten the music industry. source


[Simply K-Pop] LOONA(이달의 소녀) _ Colors(색깔) _ Ep.352 _ 030819

May 24, 2019 Video 4 Views

LOONA – Colors Following the “+ +” album, LOONA returned with their new album “X X”. As a song with a view of LOONA’s world, “Colors” is about coveting


JBJ95 – 1st Mini Album 'HOME' Highlight Medley

May 24, 2019 Video 4 Views

Coming Up! 30th Oct, 2018. JBJ95 – 1st Mini Album ‘HOME’ Highlight Medley Korea’s No.1 music distributor GENIE MUSIC official YouTube channel. 대한민국 … source