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WJMK(우주미키) – Strong(짜릿하게) MV Reaction

May 13, 2019 Video 9 Views

WJMK is a collab group between Cosmic Girls and Weki Meki I kind of hope that Strong is the first of many songs from WJMK. The intro of Strong


Fromis_9(프로미스나인) – Love Bomb MV Reaction

May 2, 2019 Video 16 Views

A week has passed since the release of Love Bomb but it is still a great time to take a look at the newest song from Fromis_9. Fromis_9 continues


Gugudan Semina(구구단 세미나) – Semina(샘이나) MV Reaction

Apr 15, 2019 Video 19 Views

Gugudan Semina release their own summer song with the title Semina. I was half expecting Semina to not be anything super interesting but Gugudan Semina … source


Honey Popcorn(허니팝콘) – Bibidi Babidi Boo(비비디바비디부) MV Reaction

Apr 14, 2019 Video 17 Views

Bibidi Babidi Boo is the debut song from Honey Popcorn who have caught peoples attention for being adult models in Japan. It is honestly hard to not go into