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[JBJ] DONGHAN X KENTA ll Forever/ In Love

Apr 18, 2019 Video 5 Views

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D-Crunch (디크런치) "Dance Relay": 181118 명동 버스킹 (Myeongdong Busking)

Apr 15, 2019 Video 5 Views

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rIVerse Reacts: Dalla Dalla by ITZY – M/V Reaction

Apr 15, 2019 Video 6 Views

These girls are coming for a takeover! #ilovemyself ***** PATREON IS OPEN! Please support us and help us keep creating the content you all love! As a thank …


15 Co-Ed KPOP Groups

Mar 25, 2019 Video 18 Views

Threw some 1st gen in there this time (,: Hope you enjoy!! intro: bebe by wjsn outro: excuse me by bestie … source